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Puerto Rico

In Focus: Illustrating Puerto Rico’s colonial history with Jotham Malavé

Jotham Malavé Maldonado is an artist from Puerto Rico, who paints predominantly with oils and pastels to confront the collective amnesia of Puerto Rico’s colonial history, often depicting violated and abandoned bodies. His subjects inhabit the nocturnal landscape of a field. A wasteland that bears witness to the horizontal crimes of exploitation, brazenness and the daily absurdity, the theft of dreams and the expulsion from paradise.

Malavé’s pictorial work is nourished not only by its narrative possibilities but also by its technical craftsmanship, which is an undeniably compelling element. Beautifully executed in oils or pastels, contain a quality that further enriches the experience of the encounter.

Tan clara cómo un espejismo 30”x22” soft pastel 2021
El encuentro 54″x48″ óleo sobre canvas 2021
En la noche la sombra es una sola 48″x36″ óleo sobre canvas 2021
Fuera del laberinto 36”x48” óleo sobre canvas 2021
Vértigo 30”x40” óleo sobre canvas 2021
Viento Segador oil on canvas 60”x56” 2019
Mar de angustias oil on canvas 32”x24” 2020
Todo se quema (Visiones del Cerro) 96”x72″ oil on canvas 2019

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