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Hispanic Legacy Studio is a new digital art shop, that promotes Puerto Rican culture through beautiful artworks, by using poetic colorful brushstrokes, blurry just like a piece of a dream, reminiscence, or vision. A tropical stroll accompanied by one or more characters captured in a moment of life: the smell of green fields, oxen, and flowers, the salt of the sea, and the noise of the city and all its activities.

As Caribbean people, we are literally in love with these scenes that we also have on each island. A beautiful way to remember that, as sisters islands, we are similar and unique at the same time.

“Lamento Borincano, one of my favorite paintings from my nee landscape series”
“New Painting inspired on San Juan Architecture”
“My latest painting under the mentorship of the amazing @layeredpainter
“Anyone else missing going to la Guancha to eat some frituras and feed the fishes and pelicans?”
For my next series ill be working with some still life inspired on various Puerto Rican topics. This one was inspired on my uncles that passed away some time now. As a kid I remember going to their house, they were always working on farming animals and plant. It was so much fun just following them around and playing helping them with the animals. This image, I believe it really represents them, hardworking and proud jibaritos. I feel really blessed to had then in my life. ❤🇵🇷❤
Portoricain Jibaro Wall Art Print

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