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In Focus: Dynamic parables and evocative watercolours with Cuban artist Alexis Lago

The images that Alexis Lago creates reflect his long-held interest in ancient myths, fables, and their symbolic aspects. Lago’s ethereal universe invites us to escape and pushes us to question the world and our ways of existing and moving through it. According to Lago, he sees “his visions as the result of his own concerns, uncertainties, fears, yearnings, and questions his sense of reality.”

Self-described as a nomad and visual transmuter of his experiences, he moves in “dynamic parables”, ever-changing, transforming, moving. Alexis Lago dives into the feelings uncertainty, illustrating the daunting yet liberating feeling that nothing is static.

Final touches of my up coming solo exhibition “Radial Pilgrim” that will be at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, Capital Gallery, April 2, Fort Myers. Detail from “Return by an Exotic Trail”
Overnighter’s Lights, oil on canvas. Working in a group of paintings about the true personal meaning of belonging to somewhere, the attachment to a fixed identity that is more an idea than a reality…

​Although I express myself in other media, watercolor has emerged as a favorite.  It is a very empathic technique that I resonate with for its freshness and immediacy. I also think it embodies the dynamic fluidity that exists in the relationships I build. Curiously, the predominant themes  in  my  work,  whether marine  or  not, are linked, in one way or another to water,  which is that  extraordinarily connective, primeval element.  Another significant aspect of my work is the role played by the blank on the paper since I also consider this blankness as “the universe” (notion that is found in the Far East traditional ink painting), the eternal background. A space full of potential, where anything can and finally does happen.

Panoramic Intentions, oil on canvas, 66 x 68″, 2018

In the places where I have lived, mostly in Europe and depending on the circumstances, I have been considered exotic, somewhat exotic and not exotic enough. We all know how close is the idea of the exotic to the imagined and the fantastic. The first Europeans explorers and later the naturalists attested that. Off course, what I’m saying is just a starting point. This is a painting of a walking tree returning home after living its own adventures and don’t know much more about that. Return by an Exotic Trail, oil on canvas, from the project Radial Pilgrim.

Leccion de nado, oil on canvas, 65 x 68″, 2018
As in a Greek aporia, the fish short flight over the surface is one sum of endless moments….
“Short Flight” oil on canvas
Everything human that exist have been sketched first, first in our minds then in our works, and is easy to see we have designed a lot of ugliness and unbalance, It is not about the sometimes harmful relativity of beauty, is now, more than ever, about life. Let’s change the old paradigm of relationships!Stay safe! watercolor on paper, from my series Designios

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