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Caribeart has the pleasure to share its very first selection of the year, we are starting the year beautifully with an eclectic selection of our top 15 artistic events in the Caribbean and beyond. From an online symposium on Black Futures, a call for emerging photographers in Haiti and drawing workshops in Bermuda. 2022 has a great programme lined up for our sister islands and the diaspora, with many Caribbean artists being celebrated abroad. Stay up to date with the latest events in the Caribbean through our art events’ agenda: www.caribeart.fr

‘Sick It’ collage exhibition at Tern Gallery (exhibition)

January 27th – March 12th , 2022 ▪︎ presented by Tern Gallery in the Bahamas.

TERN Gallery presents Stick It, a collage-based exhibition featuring four artists: Cydne Jasmin Coleby, Ronald Cyrille, Gherdai Hassell, and Steven Schmid, on view from January 27th to March 12th, 2022. Amalgamating images, textures, and textiles and remixing these resources into new compositions whether digitally, paper-based, or through mixed media is an integral act in the collective approaches of the exhibited artists. Within this collecting and re-presenting, each artist weaves their histories and curiosities into the fabric of the work, giving space for the audience to present their own.

“VIVES” – Center for the Arts in Haiti (exhibition)

January 15th – February 13th , 2022 ▪︎ presented by Center for the Arts in Haiti.

To exhibit works of art modeled by female artists, the Art Center is creating, in partnership with the Association 4 Chemins Festival Quatre Chemins, the exhibition ‘VIVES’. Through this, the Art Center and the Haitian Art Museum will mobilize the works of women that they have accumulated in their permanent collections. The exhibition will be held from February 15 to 22, 2022 at the Maison Dufort. The exhibition curator will be provided by the French exhibition curator, Régine Cuzin. The Art Center invites the general public to visit this exhibition from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Launch: Haiti Emerging Photography Fund 2022

January 14th – March 13th , 2022 ▪︎ presented by Camden Art Center  in Haiti.

The Fund for Emerging Photography in Haiti (FPEH) has launched a new call for artists to select two winners in January 2022. This call is open for applications until January 13, 2022. The FPEH wants to support promising Haitian photographers in the realization or pursuit of a coherent photographic project that may have journalistic objectives or respond to documentary or artistic imperatives.

Draw and Explore: Winter 2022 drawing workshops led by artists at Bermuda National Gallery

January 19th – March 6th , 2022 ▪︎ presented by Bermuda National Gallery  in Bermuda.

Learn from professional artists and hone your skills across a variety of art making techniques in our 6 week Draw & Explore programme. Sign up now for the new semester which begins Jan 19. Classes are held at BNG every Wednesday evening from 5pm to 7pm. For further information, and to sign up, visit our website at www.bng.bm. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

‘Surreal Black’ at National Gallery West (exhibition)

January 24th 2022 – ongoing  ▪︎ presented by National Gallery West  in Jamaica.

National Gallery West (NG West), the Montego Bay branch of the National Gallery of Jamaica, is pleased to present the exhibition Surreal Black. The exhibition will premier with a virtual tour on the NG West YouTube channel, on Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 1:30pm.  Surreal Black references varying stylistic approaches explored by featured  artists, Carl Abrahams, Marvin Bartley, David Boxer, Leonard Daley, Colin Garland, Christopher Gonzalez, William “Woody” Josephs, Omari Ra, Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds and Osmond Watson. To view the virtual tour of the exhibition Surreal Black, please click on the following link:

The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago launches a call for artists (call for artists)

January 29th 2022  ▪︎ presented by National Gallery West  in Jamaica.

Full Details and Guidelines for the Call to Artists for Kaiso Kaiso can be found by clicking on the link in the bio. Please read and follow carefully. Think outside the box.

‘On the Horizon’ Contemporary Cuban Art (group show)

January 28th – May 1st 2022  ▪︎ presented by Pérez Art Museum in Miami.

On the Horizon: Contemporary Cuban Art from the Pérez Art Museum Miami features approximately seventy works by fifty Cuban artists of multiple generations, including María Magdalena Campos-Pons (currently a professor at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University), Yoan Capote, Los Carpinteros, Teresita Fernández, and Zilia Sánchez. Through paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos, and installations drawn from one of the largest public collections of Cuban art in the United States, the exhibition inspires dialogue regarding the physical, social, and political landscape of the island and its diaspora. Works in the exhibition demonstrate how artists can weave political commentary into their practices, providing insight into the sophistication of creative expression in an authoritarian system. The horizon line functions as a motif and symbol of personal desire, existential longing, or geographical containment throughout the exhibition—while always visible, it remains perpetually distant and unattainable.

Bridget Jones Award for Caribbean Arts (call for applications)

January 15th 2022  ▪︎ presented by Society for Caribbean Studies in the U.K.

Arts researchers or practitioners living and working in the Caribbean are eligible to apply for the Bridget Jones Travel Award, the deadline for which is the 15th January 2022. The winner of the award will present their work at the virtual 45th Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies which will take place  5-9 July 2022.

‘Monster’ by Suchitra Mattai at Unit London (solo exhibition)

January 11th – February 12th 2022  ▪︎ presented by Unit London in the U.K.

‘Monster’, the debut European solo exhibition from @suchitramattaiart is now open at Unit London Mayfair. On view to the public until 12 February. No booking required.

‘Life Between Islands’ CARIBBEAN-BRITISH ART 1950S – NOW (exhibition)

December 1st – April 3rd 2022  ▪︎ presented by Tate Modern in the U.K.

This exhibition explores the work of artists from the Caribbean who made their home in Britain, alongside other British artists whose work has been influenced and inspired by Caribbean themes and heritage. Spanning visionary paintings to documentary photography, fashion, film and sculpture, Life Between Islands traces the extraordinary breadth and impact of Caribbean British art, in one setting. This exhibition celebrates how people from the Caribbean have forged new communities and identities in post-war Britain – and in doing so have transformed what British culture and society looks like today.

‘AT PEACE’ Curated by Jade Foster

9th December 2021 – 30th January 2022, presented by Gillian Jason Gallery, in the U.K.

Each of the five artists featuring in the show, create figurative works that are unbound by prejudice; subverting and rethinking how Black women and figures have been regarded by Western naturalistic classical and modernist traditions within painting. Traditionally depicted as ‘at service’, mocked, or absent, black figures in art are often seen through a racialised lens – as homogenous and primitive. However, the works chosen for At Peace communicate a sense of independence and palpable presence. The show embodies ‘exhibition as research’ and is driven by an holistic approach to curating by establishing a space of healing in which the artists and the artworks exercise collective agency: all five artists share similar belief systems as well as an understanding of the pressure within the art industry to conform to expectations of what Black artists ‘should be creating.’ At Peace therefore seeks to act as a space in which each artist presents, talks about and references their work in their own way and on their own terms.

‘Iroko Moforibale’ solo show by Gabriela Pez (exhibition)

14th January 2022 – ongoing, presented by Habana Espacios Creativos, in Cuba.

First solo exhibition by Cuban artist, Gabriela Pez entitled “Iroko Moforibale”, a greeting that expresses gratitude and respect to that great tree that is the Ceiba for being inspiration and creative support.
Iroko Moforibale is the visual essay resulting from the visual arts scholarship granted by Habana Espacios Creativos. It is the result of several months of research and experimentation with paper.

‘Puerto Rico Plural’ (exhibition)

9th January – 10th June 2022, presented by Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, in Puerto Rico.

The exhibition includes yearnings, tributes, denunciations, contrasts, and convergences, as well as provocations for dialogue. Likewise, the thematic galleries do not attempt to offer a single reading. For this reason, Puerto Rico Plural is an invitation to encounter and reflect on Puerto Rican culture —our history, our people, and our art.

Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (online art fair)

November 15 2021 – 15th January 2022, presented by DVCAI, online.

Time is running out! Don’t miss your chance to collect editioned works, photography, mixed media paintings, ceramics, sculpture, and fiber artworks, ranging from $250- $2,500 USD, from more than 20 leading Miami-based and Diasporic artists. Art Fair ends January 15, 2022. 

Sites of Memory in afrodescendant history (conversation)

13th January 2022, presented by Centro Cultural de España, in Dominican Republic.

This conversation will share different approaches from a pedagogical, touristic and sustainable perspective to recover and protect the sites of memory linked to the history of Afro-descendants in the Dominican Republic. In-person activity until full capacity is reached. In the framework of the exhibition: “The route of the enslaved people. Sites of memory”, open to the public until January 15.

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