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Caribeart is pleased to present the last curated events list of 2021. December is an incredibly exciting month, with the return of Art Basel Miami, many Caribbean artists and galleries have been the spotlight of this acclaimed international art fair. As usual, our sister islands have so much to offer this month, from a guided exhibition tour in Puerto Rico to the Bermuda Biennale, you won’t be lacking choice. Enjoy this special selection and we will see you next year for our 2022 top 15 events of the month! Stay up to date with the latest events in the Caribbean through our art events’ agenda: www.caribeart.fr

“Splinters and Shards” new sculptures by Nassau-based artist and sculptor John Beadle (exhibition)

December 11th 2021– January 22nd, 2022 ▪︎ presented by Tern Gallery in the Bahamas.

Splinters and Shards is a solo exhibition of new sculptures by Nassau-based artist and sculptor John Beadle. Splinters and Shards marks Beadle’s first exhibition with TERN. In this new body of work, Beadle combines natural and manufactured materials to create pieces that reference and warp their original forms. Beadle, who trained as a painter and printmaker, applies a similar attitude toward materiality in these sculptures. These new works are examples of Beadle’s ability to merge painting, sculpture and installation, creating a rich sense of line, dimension and texture.

A Brighter Sun – Caribbean British Art 50s to Now (exhibition)

December 1st 2021– April 3rd, 2022 ▪︎ presented by Tate Modern in the UK.

This exhibition will explore work by artists from the Caribbean who made their home in Britain, alongside other British artists who have also made work addressing Caribbean themes and heritage. It celebrates how people from the Caribbean have forged new communities and identities in post-war Britain – and in doing so have transformed British culture and society.

Auction: Prizm Art Fair x Artsy online (art fair)

November 30th 2021– December 19th, 2022 ▪︎ presented by Prizm Art Fair online.

Enlisting the wisdom of global leaders in Black Existentialist thought, Points of Contact envisages black existentialism’s meaning in this contemporary moment through the various material praxes of Prizm 2021’s exhibiting artists, painting, sculpture, drawing, mixed media, and photography – curated by Mikhaile Solomon.

“…And I Resumed the Struggle” series exhibition at Olympia Gallery (exhibition)

December 9th 2021– ongoing ▪︎ presented by Olympia Gallery in Jamaica.

The third edition of the series exhibition “…And I Resumed the Struggle” opens on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at @olympiagalleryja and will feature Jamaica Art Society In Focus Fellows Camille Chedda (@camillechedda) & Leasho Johnson (@leasho_studios) (@leashojohnson2) alongside 17 Jamaican artists.

7th Annual Anonymous Art Show for charity presented by The Frame and Art Co (charity art auction)

December 10th 2021– ongoing ▪︎ presented by The Frame Art Co in Barbados.

We are pleased to announce the 7th Annual Anonymous Art Show will be launching ONLINE on the 10th December, 2021 at 5:00PM. The store will be open for the gallery viewing on Saturday 11th December from 9AM-5PM. Proceeds from this year’s show will go to the Prison Fellowship Barbados to assist families of inmates, inmates and the needy with food items.

Reflections on Emancipation and Post Colonial Society (exhibition)

December 1st – 31st 2021▪︎ presented by Caribbean Museum for the Arts in US Virgin Islands.

Emancipation is defined as, “the act of setting free from slavery, servitude, and or restraint; deliverance from bondage or controlling influence; liberation.” The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts’ curatorial team challenged the artists to examine those issues and themes from their perspective. Then we encouraged, reviewed, and supported the amazing genius and creativity of 17 artists. It is an exciting and eclectic array of creative energy on exhibit at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts. It represents a collective reflection of where Barbadian society has been, where we are today, and where we want to go in the future.

Call for application: 2022 Bermuda Biennale (Biennale)

December 29th 2021 – January 30th ▪︎ presented by Bermuda National Gallery in Bermuda.

Next year is an important year for the Bermuda National Gallery. 2022 marks thirty years since the opening of the gallery and forty years since its genesis, the Bermuda Fine Arts Act, was passed in parliament. It also sees the opening of the 15th Bermuda Biennial – a critical platform for our island’s living artists – and, with it, a celebration of thirty years of contemporary Bermuda art. 

The Haitian Heritage Museum presents “Introspective Noir” at Art Basel Miami (group exhibition)

December 2nd 2021 – January 30th 2022 ▪︎ presented by The Haitian Heritage Museum in Miami.

The Haitian Heritage Museum presents “Introspective Noir”, a group exhibition featuring works by renowned visual artists Addonis Parker, and Pierre Jean Baptiste. The show presents contemporary works by Afro Caribbean and African American artists, that circumspect the narratives of identity and reflective themes of self-awareness in our communities. The exhibition will run from December 2, 2021to January 30, 2022.

DVCAI Virtual Art Fair affordable works by 22 leading Miami-based and Caribbean artists (online art fair)

November 15th 2021– January 15th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator online.

🎨 Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI), the premiere Afro-diasporic arts incubator in Miami, Florida, has launched its second iteration of the DVCAI Virtual Art Fair, a global online gallery that offers affordable works by 22 leading Miami-based and Caribbean artists. Works shipped in time for Christmas if you act now!

Dust specks on the sea: Contemporary Sculpture from the French Caribbean and Haiti (exhibition)

November 18th 2021– March 5th 2022 ▪︎ presented by San Fransisco Art Institute in the U.S.

Dust Specks on the Sea focuses on sculptural works by over a dozen contemporary artists from Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, and Haiti and addresses the various positionings of the postcolonial condition in this region. The exhibition’s title—Dust Specks on the Sea—is derived from a quote by former French President Charles de Gaulle, describing his view of the French Caribbean islands from an airplane in 1964. The French Caribbean cannot be defined solely by its beauty nor by its historical trauma; this exhibition aims to contribute to a contemporary, multi-layered understanding of this region.

Transoceanic Visual Exchange (online exhibiton)

November 24th 2021– January 30th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Fresh Milk Barbados in Barbados.

Fresh Milk (Barbados), in partnership with TEOR/ética (Costa Rica), is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 edition of Transoceanic Visual Exchange (TVE), an online exhibition showcasing video art, film and new media from across the Caribbean and Central America.

Guided tour of the “perception of space” exhibition with artist Gustavo Fuentes (guided tour)

December 19th 2021 ▪︎ presented by Museo de las Americas in Porto Rico.

This coming #FamilySunday participate in a guided tour of the exhibition “perception of space” with artist Gustavo Fuentes.

Alanis Forde: Be Of Good Courage (group exhibition)

December 12th 2021– January 31st 2022 ▪︎ presented by NYC Culture Club in New York.

Hosted by NYC Culture Club and curated by Mashonda Tifrere, founder of ArtLeadHer. Mashonda has partnered with 7 seven artists to raise money for the underserved children of NYC. Be of Good Courage presents the work of 8 emerging artists who demonstrate themes of a life lived fearlessly. Each artist, distinct in their practice lends themselves to the exploration of identity and culture through the lens of deeply personal experiences. The works represent a dynamic range of portraiture and expressionism that embrace the beauty and variation of Black skin tones and their existence in a world where courage is a prerequisite.

Joni P Gordon’s Textured Lines presented by NLS (solo exhibition)

December 4th 23rd 2021▪︎ presented by NLS in Jamaica.

NLS is pleased to present Textured Lines, a solo exhibition of sculpture, photography and sound by Joni P. Gordon. In her debut solo exhibition, Joni P. Gordon deconstructs her experience as an immigrant worker in the U.S. State Department’s Summer Work and Travel Program through sculpture, photography and sound. Having entered The Work and Travel Program while a tertiary student, Gordon’s work unpacks the experience of how students from low and middle income countries are recruited to work for minimum wage in the U.S. and elucidates the link between geopolitical power and racial discrimination.

“Radiance” Art Exhibition 2021 (exhibition)

November 29th December 17th 2021▪︎ presented by Women in Art in Trinidad and Tobago.

We are EXCITED to present “RADIANCE” Art Exhibition, as part of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The Women in Art Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with Rotunda Gallery.

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