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Two years ago, we published an interview with Caribeart , the Barbadian contemporary artist Alanis Forde. Today we’re glad to present you an In Focus on her new series of collages tinted with oil paint in Caribbean colors.

She depicts these black women magnified in artworks that question: black identity, idealization & fantasies of Caribbean exoticism, and the definition of normative femininity. Expressionistic realism portraiture also captures the magic of sisterhood and the cosmic bonds that flow from it.

You can find her at the New York at the World Trade Center, from December 09, 2021, to January 14, 2022. More info on Caribeart’s agenda here http://caribeart.fr/event/alanis-fordes-latest-group-exhibition-be-of-good-courage

Gazing Upon A Sodom Paradise
30 x 48
Oil on Canvas
Sun, Sand and Allegory
Oil on Canvas
24 x 36
Beautiful Captives
Oil, Acrylic, Glitter on Canvas
48 x 58

Peinture collaborative entre Alanis Forde, Anna Gibson (@anner_er) et Akilah Watts (@stricklyakilah)
A Box Of Bubbles
Oil on Canvas
30 x 30
“The Island Of Great Tribulation” 
Tropical Gaze: Bubbles
Oil and Glitter on Canvas
30 x 36 inches

“I am painting/creating my experiences and that automatically sets me apart from others because only I can do that and tell those stories through my art.”

Alanis Forde – Interview on Shout out Miami
Blue Flame
Oil and Glitter on Canvas
36 x 48
Oil on Canvas
30 x 40
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
40” x 60”
Oil on Canvas
30 x 40
Destination Wedding
Oil on Canvas
40 x 60

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