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Melissa Simon-Hartman is a London born artist who specializes in custom hand-crafted fashion and costume pieces. Drawing heavily from her Trinidadian and Ghanaian heritage, Melissa’s designs are flavoured with both West Indian and West African Influences whilst also maintaining her unique signature style. Her brand, Simon-Hartman London, has evolved dramatically from its initial footwear concept to the distinctive label that today proudly specialises in wearable art.

With vast experience as an artist and theatrical costume designer, Melissa has successfully translated that visual style of storytelling into the world of fashion, crafting statement pieces that have featured at international festivals and music videos. She recently collaborated with Dojo Cat in creating a unique garment with an intricate structure of halos and braids, celebrating the divine feminine and black cultural heritage for her latest music video: Woman

Braids are not just a hairstyle and signify so many things in our culture. They are a connection to the creator, our ancestors, and the earth. When Brett briefed me on the video concept, I knew I had to design a costume out of hair. Made out of intricate braids, long ombré hair wefts, wire, resin, and metal, I chose a maroon shade to represent the blood, strength, and power of a woman finished with gold, a precious metal highly sought after.

Doja Cat – Woman (Official Video)

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