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Graham Foster is a Bermudian artist whose paintings tend to follow one of two directions – one inspired by Bermuda’s flora, fauna, architecture and people that he renders in a uniquely surreal style.  The other style is looser, more expressionistic and is often influenced by dreams and the subconscious. Foster is well known for his large scale murals and commissions for several respected institutions in the Caribbean. Foster is also an important contributor to Bermuda’s cultural community, sharing his knowledge in talks at various school art programs, and encouraging the next generation of Bermuda-based artists.

Fisherman and Dog ‐ Acrylic ‐ Canvas ‐ 48” x 48” ‐ Private Collection –
Flatts Bridge ‐ Acrylic ‐ Canvas ‐ 24” x 36” ‐ Private Collection 
My entry for the Charman Prize at Masterworks, called ‘Strange Days Indeed’ , 36” x 24” acrylic on canvas- loosely based on a dream from last year triggered by the unease and vague paranoia as Covid hit.
Return to Rainbow Country ‐ Acrylic ‐ Wood ‐ 50” x 35” ‐ Private Collection –

Best known for his huge mural, ‘The Hall of History’, located in the Commissioner’s House at the Bermuda National Museum in Dockyard, Bermuda.  The two storey, 1000 square foot interior mural depicts five centuries of Bermudian history, and took over 3 years to complete.

Hall of history-corner of wall 3 and 4 ‐ Acrylic ‐ Wood
South wall close up 3 
Sea Venture-Hall of History ‐ 9′ x 7′ 
Wonderland ‐ Acrylic ‐ Canvas ‐ 72” x 48” ‐ Private Collection – More Info
Scarlet Tanager ‐ Acrylic ‐ Canvas ‐ 48” x 36”
“A painting from around 1996 called The Family”

In 2012, Foster completed another mural at the Bermuda College library commemorating the works of Brian Burland, considered by many to be Bermuda’s greatest author.

Burland mural -close up
Burland mural -close up

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