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Born and raised in Trinidad, Antonio Figuero is primarily influenced by real-life scenes, social gatherings and other daily activities across the country that he documents on wood and canvas. His focus is on the world around them, and he seeks to paint his subjects in a way that highlights the more enchanting aspects of social life and the natural world.

This award-winning painter captures compelling and vivid scenes with his easel and oil paints. His love of this particular medium, combined with the love he has for being both outsides and in the hustle and bustle of the country’s capital, makes it inevitable that the abundance of stories and visuals would be recorded in this way, much to the public’s delight.

Lady in the canoe – by artist Antonio Figuero
“Precious Moments (Seasons)” – 36×40 – oils

“In this season here in Trinidad & Tobago, we now see how much we took these simple, precious moments for granted before. As they say – you never miss the water till the well runs dry. Whenever these restrictions are lifted and our country is no longer in an SOE, I pray we always remember to cherish every precious moment and remember how only God brought us through.”

Antonio Figuero
“Field Grazers” by #AntonioFiguero

16×20. Oils. Done on location in St. Joseph
“Pin” was a broom maker from Paramin, among many other things. Legend has it that he was given the nickname Pin because he was so tiny when he was born prematurely. Nobody believed he would survive, and the shopkeeper even gave his mother an empty candle box to bury his little body when he died. Needless to say, he outgrew that candle box.
He passed at the age of 96 in April 2020.
“Lady on the bridge” by AntonioFiguero
“Wash day in Castara” by artist Antonio Figuero
“En Plein Air” by artist Antonio Figuero.
“Ginger Lilies and hummingbird (Hacienda Jacana)” by artist Antonio Figuero.
“The Bachelor Pad” by artist Antonio Figuero.

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