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In Focus: exploring Haitian heritage through the ornamented world of Vickie Pierre

Vickie Pierre is a multimedia artist, who currently lives and works in Miami, Florida. Her creative process is informed and inspired by memory, fantasy, surrealism, popular culture and the decorative and ornamental arts. This inspiration has manifested itself in years of collecting diverse materials that often serve as muses in her daily practice and as actual, physical elements within her assemblages and installations. Her continued focus is on the universal themes of identity with references to design and nature, as well as the interconnectivity between her Haitian heritage (including the larger Caribbean community) and global cultural mythologies while concurrently considering feminine and historic tropes relative to contemporary cultural politics.  

In My Mind, In My Head, I wanted it to Happen”
Poupée in the Bush + Assemblages

Within earlier paintings and drawings, I utilize rubber stamp imprints of the dresses of mass produced, Disney icons: Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. These female characters present a challenging precedent for young girls and may perpetuate deep seeded ideas into adulthood regarding identity and femininity. As global icons, they can be powerful yet manipulative, regardless of their endearing cartoon appearance. In my process, these icons are reintroduced as anthropomorphic shapes set against pastel monochromatic backgrounds. They are no longer recognizable fairy tale sweethearts. Stamp imprints of the dresses are maneuvered into new characters that are sensual and languid, self-generating and otherworldly totems. The deconstructed groupings and clusters now recall the natural abstractions and distortions of flora as well as human anatomy. Written text within these works as well as their titles, stem from song lyrics, poetry or artist musings. The text records an ongoing personal narrative and expresses a reciprocal, romantic sentiment or pervasive sense of melancholy or longing in a skewed homage to the very stories that these fairy tale characters emerged from.

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