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Bony Ramirez was born in 1996 in Tenares, Salcedo, Dominican Republic now based in New York. Connected to his roots, Ramirez retains a connection to his Dominican heritage through his art, incorporating elements of the Caribbean with his own distinctive details. Through a combination of painting and drawing, Ramirez adheres life-size paper figures onto painted wood panels.

His subjects are bold yet strange, often appearing mysteriously oversized or contorted. Recently, the artist has been exploring the use of multimedia in his paintings, using blades on canvas. His work is actively engaged with marginalised communities through charity projects such as Art for Black Lives. With such a striking and distinctive way of using portraiture to reclaim Dominican identity, Ramirez is no doubt one to watch for 2022.

Bony Ramirez El Imperio, 2021
Butterfly, 2021
Acrylic, soft oil pastel, color pencil, wallpaper, metal chain, dried coconuts; Bristol paper on Wood panel
“El Plátano Que Nunca Maduro / The Plantain That Never Ripened” 2020,
30X48 inches. (Acrylic Paint, Colored Pencil, oil pastel, cork paper, hobby knives. Bristol paper on Wood panel)

Bony Ramirez adheres black and brown drawn figures onto painted wood panels, creating mixed medium portraits that portray contemporary Caribbean life and the underlying European colonialist history that remains in the psyche of individuals. Bony’s expanded practice of incorporating new materials into his portraits, namely wallpaper, swords, and rhinestones, to bring physical and allegorical depth to the stories he tells about Caribbean history and daily life. Ramirez’s practice is heavily influenced by Mannerist and Renaissance portraiture as seen through the presence of still lives, solid colored backgrounds, and romanticized gore. The artist’s use of these European styles reflects the colonialist influence on the Caribbean, reclaiming these artistic tropes by re-contextualizing them with Caribbean objects, scenery, and history.

“Musa X Paradisiaca” (2020)
acrylic, colored pencil, oil pastel, wallpaper, paper on wood panel
48 x 36”
”Veronica” Mixed Media (Acrylic paint, colored pencil, soft oil pastel, oil sticks) paper on wood panel.
“El Coco Que Dejó La Ola / The Coconut The Tide Left” 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 48 X 36”
{Acrylic Paint, oil pastel, color pencil, Pastel paper, Bristol paper on Wood}
“Clean Up, After the Storm” (2020) 🌴🌴
Acrylic, colored pencil, oil pastel, wallpaper, gold leaf marker, plastic pearls, Bristol paper on wood panel
60 × 40 in
El Tiguerazo! 🐅 🐅 🐅 (2020)
acrylic, colored pencil, oil pastel, oil stick, paper on wood panel
40 x 60 inches.

“La Tormenta/ The Storm” 🌩🌩🌩2020) 48X36”
[Acrylic Paint, Oil Pastel , color pencil – Bristol paper on Wood panel] .

“Del Mar Venimos” (2021)
Acrylic, color pencil, soft oil pastel, cowrie sea shells, dry coconut seed pod, spray paint, Bristol paper on wood panel
72 × 53 in.

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