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Olivier Bertoni was born in Port Au Prince Haiti in 1980 where he spent the first part of his childhood. Between 1990 and 1994, he lived in the Dominican Republic where his step father was ambassador. In 1999, he obtained his french high school diploma and went back to Santo Domingo where studied illustration and fine arts at the Altos de Chavon art school. He then obtained a B.F.A. in New York at the Parsons School of Design of the New School University.  He now lives in the Dominican Republic where he teachers Plastic Arts and Paintings. His work explores subjects like the loss of innocence, the journey into adulthood, frustrations due to the difficulties of speech, and ultimately, his condition as a migrant.

9×12 inches
charcoal and watercolour drawing on paper.

Olivier uses mainly paint, pencil and collage because of the intuitive nature of his work inspired by the past and forgotten experiences. He often borrows these themes from artists like Alechinsky, Basquiat, Reno, Picasso and others.

“I like to think of my work as an intuitive expression of my deeper self, an independent projection. Although I sometimes start with a drawing, my final pieces are always eclectic layers of elements, shapes and marks that come to me as I work. In a semi-conscious way, I throw various symbols, shapes and colors onto the canvas to create a mixed media piece that I give balance to along the way.”

9×12 inches
charcoal and watercolour drawing on paper

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