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Shane Patterson, known by the pseudonym “Sartor” is a Kingston-based traditional and digital artist born and raised in the parish of Portland. He’s been creating art ever since he could make sense of the world.

Patterson is a self-taught painter, digital artist, photographer, and film-maker who believes in telling stories. His art focuses on the beauty and complexities of the natural world and the human condition. The word “Sartor” is traditionally associated with a tailor who by profession creates and makes alterations to garments. His aim is to tailor his own life, to live fully, and to continue telling stories about beautiful things.

Here’s a closer look at the process of painting “Bluebird”. I always get sucked into the “flow state” while working so I have trouble capturing the steps sometimes. I can’t find the clip of me grounding the piece (painting the canvas yellow),super sorry 😬. But I hope you like what I got.
Title: “Kristen” – This canvas painting was inspired by @markryden Mark Ryden’s “Christina”. This however is a Afrocentric retelling. Going into this project my intention was to make nods to Caribbean cultural elements. I wanted to showcase the interconnection between the past and present through the lens of fantasy and whimsy. As it stands, we are currently in a social climate where relics of the past are still impacting African people all around the world. I do hope you find beauty and meaning in this piece. Comment your thoughts and interpretations, I’d love to hear your views. ⁣
Title: Everything the Light Touches
Title: “Boxed in”
Mixed media: Acrylic paint and glass on canvas “Boxed in” is a psychologically reflective piece which focuses on the subject of mental health. It stands in support of emotional intelligence especially among men who have been taught to bottle up their emotions. It conveys that we are often trapped in our own fragile and sometimes broken minds when we perpetuate these unhealthy practices. Viewers are able to empathize as they can see themselves reflected in the mosaic glass. A MASSIVE thank you to @yamelapinto and the @indiggoconferenceja team for even considering me for the Indiggo conference. You guys gave me an opportunity to explore and express myself in ways I’ve never done before. Sharing that with so many talented and passionate people made it that much better. Forever grateful.
Title: “Cupid’s Discontent”
I had a lot of fun working on this piece. Personal? Definitely. I’d love to here your interpretations or if you can relate in anyway. Comment below and let me hear your thoughts.
A closer look at “Harpo’s Fight”. Big thank you to everyone that showed the video some love. You’re greatly appreciated 
Title: Charging From The Front Line. ⁣⁣⁣
This was inspired by the healthcare workers who go out everyday to face the invisible enemy that is COVID-19. This is uncharted waters for our species, and medical professionals like the rest of us are scared and in some cases even loosing their lives. I’m pretty sure none if us knew that this is what soldiers would look like today. ⁣⁣⁣
Title: Mother of the Forest “Mother of the Forest” was inspired by the humans who are actively working toward resuscitating our planet. The divine female and giver of life was chosen to represent the millions of people planting seeds of hope across the earth. The physical act of planting and even using our voices on our platforms are acts of love. Her smile is kind. There is hope. 

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