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In Focus: Illustrated ancestry and the divine feminine with Kokab Zohoori-Dossa

Kokab Zohoori-Dossa, a young artist from Kingston, Jamaica, creates colorful illustrations from an amalgamation of her favourite influences from novels to animation, film, and even music. She also pulls heavily from her own Jamaican heritage, as well as influences from her Persian and Benin ancestry, all of which are projected in her work through a unique contemporary lens.


Kokab’s work history extends from commissions for individual clients to large mural projects for businesses such as advertising agencies. Through her work as a young artist, and small business operator, she has achieved a level of independence that affords her the time to pursue the mastery of her craft and techniques. If this unique cocktail of pursuits, interests and achievements spells one thing, that would be competency; a word which she is making synonymous with in her most commonly preferred motif, women of colour.

‘Lessons’ artwork done for @protoje off his amazing new album, ‘A Matter of Time’ 
‘Ala’ 💜💙🐍 commissioned piece

I imagine every woman’s story being woven up of countless threads, many of them dyed with the pain and blood of just existing as a woman in this world.

Grabby Gabby 🖐🏽

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