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Monique Gilpin, an emerging Jamaican artist, creates highly saturated photographic images of black bodies reminiscent of porcelain, in three-dimensional empty space. Porcelain figurines are commonplace in traditional Caribbean households.

This traditional domestic object is imbued with powerful colonial fractures and meanings, and yet simultaneously embodies a predictable and stabilizing force in the Caribbean psyche of ‘Home’. Monique seeks to explore visual expressions of this fracture and its containment in the contemporary identity experience.

Porcelain Disposition IV – Digital Print on PVC, 60×40, 2014
Will we ever realize the extent of our greatness if we continue to break eachother down?

Born from her nomadic experiences within the last six years, her yearning for stability is embodied within the exploration of the human form in a three-dimensional space. Between the concepts of stability and instability and also the traditional and contemporary realities of life.

Every minute of our lives is spent in physical and psychological dialogue with the space around us and the contorted bodies within these oversaturated three-dimensional spaces have been transmogrified towards semi-abstraction mimicking hard ceramic surfaces. The porcelain figurines in many older Jamaican homes seem to be ever-present and are symbolic of a stability that the younger generation of Jamaicans no longer seem to be able to achieve. The contortions and attempted transformation of the bodies represent the psychological struggle to achieve this stability. 

Melancholy of the Soul.
Porcelain Disposition VIII. Gender colour stereotypes and association.
A piece I created over 13 years ago. I titled it ‘Cabbage Patch’. The start to my journey exploring and understanding the intrecacies of the human form within space and time.

Metaphysical meaning of body (rw) body–The outer expression of consciousness; the precipitation of the thinking part of man. God created the idea of the body of man as a self-perpetuating, self-renewing organism, which man reconstructs into his personal body…evolution of physical processes, material bodies and fields can only feel and influence each other per space-time point at which they are co-present…physical changes…

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