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When you walk on Dominican Republic streets, especially in the colonial zone, you can’t miss these breathtaking murals by Medio Peso. Impressive street-arts with scarlet red colors about characters which tell us their stories without words. They frankly open your eyes to Caribbean Magic and Culture through deep roots that commit to looking in the past from our present: a harmony between all parties, rescuing each of our customs: the Caribbean, Taino and African.

The richness of the original culture energizes this island. We’re never alone, but not in a creepy way, each of our ancestors lives inside us, simply through our DNA. We are them. They are us. And we could say, that Medio, in a blink of an eye, reminds us this aspect by fixing memories of native people, powerful and warm ancestors, past souls that no one will ever be able to chase away.

“Our homeland as a divine being protects us and gives us its sun, its coasts, its lands. The mother who gave us her womb and her life. Still we make her bleed daily Can we see beyond the ordinary? Would we understand what is obvious to anyone’s eyes?”

Nothing to celebrate
Even if you don’t see us, we are there, even if you don’t hear us, we talk. In memory of our ancestors.
“Núcleo”, mural para @hoyvillafrancisca en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

Walking through this area as thousands of people do every day, seeing the cultural crossroads that occurs and the commercial lung that this town means in the city, led us to a reflection that triggers the composition of a hybrid character, responding to the anatomy same of the place. Despite the diversity that this area has, they build a single great identity of a Franciscan village. Polluted, noisy, at times quiet and even magical.
“El pescador de sueños” (2019)
What really determines that a person is important? The questioning arises when we move from day to day and observe the attention paid to people, circumstances and actions. And a new questioning arises, is the role they play really relevant? To receive such a level of care.
‘Journey to infinity’ We are very proud to be part of this project, which begins a proposal full of Caribbean magic and culture, that search for roots and that commitment to look back from our present … makes us feel totally identified both in our ideal and in what it emotionally transmits.

Going back to our roots even when they were so painful, even when a not so noble cause did us so much damage. It does not prevent us from seeing that within so much pain and disagreements, our essences were always the same, and a mother, no matter how many times her name changes from her, is still the mother of all.

The street as a tool to communicate is something that has always motivated us to go out and create.

A dignity that is impossible to reduce, even being pulled by miserable people who have lost the north, preferring to head south. We carry the heaviest load and at the same time the most humble and worthy of all.

Transportation and transformation of an invasion, with good intention. We are homeland, no matter where we come from, or where we were born. We belong to all places on this Caribbean island, our culture is collective, not individual. What we have belongs to all of us. We are a fusion of our ancestors, a symbiosis of many races and cultures.
‘During various stages, our Caribbean cultures have been the product of a mixture of races, producing unique characters and with great cultural and religious value, we are committed to keeping these types of characters alive.’
Refulgence¨ Elle se résume dans le produit de mélanges comme tout ce qui entoure notre île. Hybride chargé de magie. Né de la combinaison du catholicisme, de la culture taino et africaine.

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