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In Focus: intersections between place, identity and objects with Cornelius Tulloch

Cornelius Tulloch is a Miami- and New York-based interdisciplinary artist and designer with work transcending the barriers of architecture, art, and fashion. His photographs, like his paintings, are carefully composed, and informed by his Caribbean heritage – containing symbolic references such as native flora and fauna. Much like it transcends creative disciplines, his work challenges societal ideals as they relate to identity, race, culture, and place. Cornelius creates narratives through creative expressions and pushes his viewers to look at the world through a different lens.

Fed by the Sun (2021)

Creating impulsively has led me to some of my greatest ideas. Although it may not all make sense in the beginning, I’m learning to trust the subconscious vision and intuition… New inspirations leading to new creations.

Coconut Chaos (2021)
Creations, Observations, and Manifestations (2021)
Tropical Heat (2018)
Remote Inclusion (2020)
The Harvest, (2017)

“The Harvest” stemming from my high school concentration that dealt with factory farming but playing with the term “harvest” and using corn as a personification/symbol for myself, my culture, and my identity. Black culture is constantly “harvested” yet the people that make up this community are marginalized and often discriminated against for the color of our skin or the image that media portrays us as. As we are consumed by this world and society, we still fight for our rights and continue to make he best of what we have been given.

Images of pain, suffering, and trauma have become all too familiar.
As we consume all of this in the media, it is important that we also take care for ourselves, and our emotional and psychological states. We must protect our sanity in this world lacking so much humanity.

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