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Dominique Beroard-Laforgue is a multi-disciplinary visual artist from Martinique, based in New York. Her work has a central theme of ecology, creating multimedia installations using recycled materials such as metal, nylon, cardboard and more.

Dominique captures emotions, sensations, vibrations… She begins her apprenticeship with figurative techniques, then gradually turns to Abstract, a liberating work of the material. She paints life, her land, a generous nature, offering us a beautiful testimony of human history.

 ‘In Between’ (2021). 4,5” X 4 ” in 11,5 cm X 9 cm
Nylon and metal
 ‘In Between’ (2021). 4,5” X 4 ” in 11,5 cm X 9 cm
Nylon et metal
May 2021 , NYC
fabrics, fibers, threads, silk.
Roots, Rhizomes , connexion
. 40” X 30″ ( 101 cm X 76 cm)
Fabric, book, acrylic

Very early, it is the drawing and the painting which attracts him more particularly. But her father is formal: “Painter, but it is not a profession!” he retorts to his elder sister, eager to enroll in the Beaux Arts… This will probably participate in what she concretizes her passion for art quite late, around the age of 35, a few years before leaving her island.

She has spent half of her life outside of her native Martinique, living for many years in Saint Martin, Mexico City, Ajaccio, Paris and New York, but despite this she remains very attached to and influenced by her roots.

NYC 2020
Acrylic, wood, fabric, thread…
27 x28 cm
10,63 x 11,02
Cardboard paper wire, pieces of a puzzle (2020)

Developing her ecological conscience in the face of the climate emergency, and touched by the social inequalities she witnessed during her numerous trips and stays abroad, her work evolves. And it is naturally that she begins to combine new materials with used materials, to associate objects of recuperation: wire, textiles, paper and especially cardboard. 

Keep It Secret (2020-2021)
‘Grey experimentation’ Acrylic on canvas, wire, fabric…
101 cm X 67 cm

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