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For this first selection, David Demetrius, passionate creative and contributor on Caribeart shares with us this week a series of inspiring videos glorifying Afro-Caribbean queer identities.

The creators and their muses transport us into alternative universes that disrupt societal codes and open up space-time for exploration and bodily expression. Visited from an angle as poetic as it is political, these short films celebrate fluidity and its impact on those who embrace it and live it daily.

Saul Nash presents Twist, a film and Fall/Winter 2021 collection that takes a look at his cultural and social environment. In this video, Nash explores honesty, courage and tolerance, overcoming preconceived notions of sportswear and its associated image.
[translated from the description of the original publication, available here]

London-based video artist Fenn O’Meally delivers a multi-faceted narrative of acceptance and release for Byredo’s first contemporary fragrance, Mixed Emotions. An epicene fragrance designed to evoke the tumultuous nature of our times in this ever-changing world and through this film, pays homage to those who embrace their vulnerability and fluid identities.
[translated from original publication by Nowness, available here]

The crossroads between ballroom culture and fashion film, refers to the origins of the mythical voguing, through which marginalized groups reappropriate the codes of the luxury and fashion industry from which they were once excluded, and which despite the path taken, remain today, reserved for the elite.

That said, it is interesting to observe in this selection how fashion film serves as a medium for the transmission of these powerful narratives, which disrupt nuclear models of gender, gender expression, and sexuality; and whose questioning serves – and will serve – as a well of inspiration for queer Afro-descendant creatives.

Tajabone is a short film about the French-speaking black queer community that proudly exposes itself and traces its journey by celebrating the bodies that make it up. Sublimated in leopard prints that dress their fierce movements, the stars of Tabajone explore the fragility, strength and conviction at the heart of a community bound by its radical expression.
[translated from original publication by Nowness, available here]

Prepare yourself for a spectacular aural and visual experience by watching this documentary featuring the candor and color of Brazilian ballroom culture. Through the eyes of several members of the House of Blyndex – a multidisciplinary ballroom family from São Paula* – we discover how an Afro-LGBTQ+ group comes together to promote community and creativity among marginalized groups.
[translated from original publication by Nowness, available here]

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