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Feminism, NFTS and trauma as a source for creation with Alejandra Glez

Alejandra Glez is a Cuban artist, whose work is rooted in empowering women through addressing social issues such as gender-based violence and her own traumas. Born in Havana in 1996 and working artistically since she was 16 years old, her work explores feminine identity serving as a way for other women to tell their realities. Working with a range of media, Glez doesn’t shy away from experimenting with performance, photography, collage, installation, and video.

C – Radical feminism is at the root of your practice, gender based violence, femicides, sex trafficking and the objectification of the female body are all heavy themes in your work. What is the response to your work ? What are your inspirations? What is the message behind your art ?

A- First I would like to clarify that I do not like the term radical feminism I think the essence of feminism is gender equality and the importance of creating awareness that we are all equal and that we women have the same rights, my work is a cry of liberation and a wake-up call to society to reflect and land on real problems in our society such as sexism and which every day through my work I try to eliminate or so I want it to be.

Swallow Men, 2021

Realization: @manuisimo@bigotitos2000

From my experiences and relationships with men, I have discovered that it gives me pleasure to “eat” them. Some will resist my desire, yet others jump without thinking into my mouth. From this process, an interesting question arises. “How will a woman digest a man?”

C – Your work provokes and incites viewers to think about social issues. In particular your video piece “Swallow Men”, how did this concept develop and come to fruition ?

A- It is a play that is born from amusement but with a very solid base as it is the judgment that on occasion emits the society of judging women to be with several men and on the other hand the men who do the same are applauded before the machismo. The man-eater is a play that toys with the idea of enjoying them without knowing how it will be that digestion.

C- The art market is changing rapidly, with the introduction of NFTs, you sold one of your pieces in 9 minutes. How has this new art form affected you and what is your opinion about it ?

A – Nft has come into my life to give me a new way of expression, through digital art I have found a new way of creativity, what I could not execute before in reality and tangible, today I can do it through digital art. I am very happy and grateful for the welcome that the nft community has given me and I still have a lot to learn.

*NFT: a new virtual art market in full expansion, NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” make it possible to become the rightful owner of virtual works of art and digital objects of all kinds (digital paintings, video clips, game characters, etc.).

C – You are from Cuba. How does Caribbean culture influence your artwork ?

A – Being Cuban to me personally gives me a plus of creativity that makes me think and solve my works in a unique way. The Caribbean culture is always reflected in my life, in general, I think I’m very Cuban.

C – Tell us about your future projects, goals, exhibitions 🌞

A – Next, I will be an exhibition in Barcelona in the Arts Center Utopia from 23 to 26 September, in a collective exhibition with other great Cuban artists, where I will present my second performance in front of the public. I will also be exhibiting in October in Venice as a finalist of the last Art Laguna Price.

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