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Lexie is an artist-portraitist based in Martinique. She invites us into her enchanting world of watercolours. Through her paintings, she represents the divine feminine and often uses herself as her own muse. Her work is not only meant to be admired, Lexie also engages with her audience by offering workshops and painting tutorials on her social networks. Between oceans, palm leaves and carnival props, her portraits are emblematic of Caribbean island iconography.

C- Portrait artist, you are your main muse, we observe it particularly through the vibrantly coloured paintings: ‘Vrac’ and ‘Balata’ and the latest untitled. What is your relationship with your art? What do you want to convey through your work?

L – I do represent myself a lot, it’s a personal quest as well as an artistic one. My relationship with art goes far beyond the fact that I can draw or paint. It is also an attitude of being an artist. I am influenced by art continuously in my life, it is my whole life. Through my work I try to reveal myself a little more, to transmit lightness and poetry.

C – Like a nymph, you share with us your moments in nature in the form of short videos (boomerang), a real visual poetry. We feel that you are in harmony with nature. Do you film yourself? Are you interested in cinematography?

There are many times when I film myself alone but I accept that some people also witness what I am experiencing and capture those moments as well. Am I interested in cinematography? Yes and no, I don’t watch a lot of films but many scenes can make an impression on me, in my head I have an artistic direction that I like to follow when I film.

“I was talking with a friend about magical moments that happened to me, like scenes out of Pocahontas. I told him that very often, when I was alone in nature, in a state of overwhelming emotion, I had a special encounter with flying animals (birds, butterflies, dragonflies). That is to say that they approach me, sometimes land on me and that at this moment, a small wind passes with leaves / flowers that fall and is added a ray of sun. And every time I live these moments, I try to capture it but everything stops.”

C – You are present only on instagram, we see your paintings coming to life in your stories. You give tips and even offer commissions, what is your relationship with your audience? What has Instagram brought you?

Instagram brings me visibility beyond borders. It’s a tool that for me is developing in the direction of creativity. It keeps evolving and offering what is needed to move forward. I have a certain attachment, I publish my processes because I want people to see what I go through to achieve a result and for my work to be taken more seriously. I think it’s important that people relate to me or feel concerned by my art.

C – If we are not mistaken, you have been living in Martinique for three years. How does Caribbean culture influence your artistic work?

Yes, I have been living in Martinique for three years now. The Caribbean influence makes me want to tell another story to our history, to mix a fantastic world with what we are today and what makes us have this culture.

For 2022 I will try to make my achievements accessible to those who follow me. I finally feel ready for that. I would also like to set up workshops for adults where we could chat, take the time to discover each other, eat, drink and around a theme or not.

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