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Mariannie Reynoso, a Dominican born digital and fine art photographer creates compelling portraits that seem familiar yet unlike anything we have seen before. Her series: Renaissance, invites us into her magical universe where she portrays either herself or other women in a highly stylised set design and sometimes recreates well known paintings such as La Chiquita Piconera by Julio Romero de Torres. (1930), with a captivating and refreshing twist.

Reynosso places womanhood at the centre of her work, often illustrating women and their alter-egos, mothers, sisters, fairies, her themes are rooted in emotion, all of which we can relate to: burden, anxiety about the future, self-doubt and self-discovery, she urges us to: ” analyse ourselves more, to find that special thing that we have and that can define us as a person, that can humanise us more, because we all have unique qualities”

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