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Born in New York and raised by traditional Haitian parents, Tracy Guiteau says her decision to pursue art was often met with criticism. The cathartic nature of art allowed her to fully express herself. Discover her vibrant and colourful world :

C – Who is Tracy? Where do you come from? New York or Haiti? When did you start to make art? Tell me about yourself

My parents wanted me to be a nurse, and coming out of high school I received a full scholarship for nursing school. While trying to pursue the aspirations my family had for me, all I could think about was art.

Art continues to keep me focused, grounded, and at peace in my life. I feel like God is art to me. As a young child, expressing emotion was viewed as weakness, and privacy was nonexistent. Art become my outlet where words failed. Each brush stroke exposed an unseen part from within; each piece of artwork became an entry in a visual diary.

« Often, words and phrases are hidden in the painting, expressing themes that inspire the individual piece »

I aim to keep my paintings rich with color, with hints of complexity through the use of detailed lines. Often, words and phrases are hidden in the painting, expressing themes that inspire the individual piece, and in a way, is a continuation of my hesitancy as a child to openly express myself through written word

C – I love the way you paint, with colorful lines, like if it were little piece of organic matter who create the human. They are like poetic atoms to me. What inspires you? What is your main art inspiration?

Each piece is a journal for me. My art best express myself when I’m lacking the words to say. Therapeutic in a sense. This dates back to when I was younger, there was no privacy for a child then.

I use to hide my whole dairy within the piece. Which is what I still do currently. Each piece has hidden words in it which hints what the piece is about and even contradicts the piece as a whole.

C – I saw that you held exhibitions: Boca Basel Event, Haitian heritage museum, Haitian heritage exhibit… Except the iconic artist unveiling, is there any upcoming exhibitions?

Not at the moment. I’m mostly concentrating on producing more. My current exhibition “Matriarch” is still at the Haitian Heritage Museum until November 2018.

C – How the Caribbean culture influences your artwork? When did you start to create clay figures and fashion?

T – I’ve been surrounded by the Caribbean culture my whole life so it is a part of me and you’ll see it in my pieces. I grew love for Clay figure in my elementary school. The love for fashion started with my Barbie dolls by stealing scraps of clothing from my mom for the next Barbie doll dress design.

C – Can you explain to me your career path? Are you in Florida? What is your job currently? What are your future projects?

T – My current job is in Marketing. My goal is to become a fulltime artist and own a gallery to help other artist. I’m currently living in Florida and my future projects is to produce new pieces for a Solo Art and Fashion show. And to also get more involved in Museums and International Art Exhibits.

C – What is the favorite artwork you’ve made? Why?

T – To be honest my fav piece would be a Clay sculpture I made at Rhode Island School of Design. I love most things hands on and fascinated in building a vision 3 dimensionally. I completely zone out when I’m sculpting. During my move to Florida from Rhode Island the piece was too heavy. Also straight out of college, I didn’t have the funds to ship it. So the piece was destroyed. I wish I had it with me now.

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