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As a child, she wanted to save animals and the planet, as she grew up, she used her virtuous sensibility through art. Discover Shahine Héry, a 22 years old Guadeloupean woman who catches your eye with her offbeat artworks rich in meaning. Photography and moving image with themes encompassing love, human relations, and womanhood… A purified world that highlights the strong link between conscious and subconscious through metaphors.

C – What are your main tools?

S – My first tools have always been the sense of touch, the matter when I making my body and fingers dirty. Then my cellphone, because of its size, and the fact that it is the technological tool which I always have with me. You know, with a bad free application we can achieve creative and surprising work. Photoshop came much later.

C – Where does your attraction for art come from?

S – Since my youngest age I write about things which were never of my age. Observing sometimes awakens and raises much more awareness than deadening learning, but it is always necessary to learn in your own way.

Visual art came after ; you know like the expiration coming after the inspiration. I never do things that do not come naturally, I cannot do it differently and my sensitivity never tends toward the superficial.

C – You are often an actress of your art, staging yourself by becoming your own model. You are close to your models, and this visually offers nice complicity and intimacy.

S – The acceptance of others goes first by the acceptance of oneself in my opinion.

Many people talk about inner duality, but how many of us really take it into consideration? My vision is contemplative, abstract and sensory. Firstly to have a more sincere and faithful approach with my models, but also because sometimes the staging is necessary to externalize certain feelings that we cannot express in our role, in our daily character.

C – What are your main artistic influences?

Ousmane Saw, a great African sculptor, was one of the first artists to make me question the matter and the possibilities it offers. André Breton, Man Ray, Louis Bourgeois, Paul Éluard, Picasso, Niki de Saint-Phalle and so on. I can identify myself to all these artists, these craftsmen of art in terms of sensitivity but not culturally speaking. I had a multicultural education, my identity is my own.

« My projects are much bigger than me and my person »

Shahine holds her first two exhibitions in May and September 2018 in Canada. An important first step in the life of an artist. In the meantime, she is rather active on Instagram, you can discover her artworks of the moment, and his madness from time to time, in her IG Story.

An atypical artist for the moment little known, but this is why we created Caribeart. We permit you to discover talented artists no matter their fame.

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