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Curtis Talwst Santiago is a Trinidadian-Canadian artist best known for his miniature dioramas that recreate stories pulled from the headlines and shed light on underrepresented histories. In his multimedia practice, Santiago transforms reclaimed jewelry boxes into scenes that feature creative retellings of oft-catastrophic events. These diminutive but powerful tableaus serve as memorials and calls for social change.

Curtis Santiago is also the first to be selected for the prestigious Fountainhead Artist-In-Residence program. Curtis was presented at Atlantic World Art Fair 2022 by Kingston, Jamaica-based online gallery platform Suzie Wong Presents. His residency is scheduled for October 2023.

Soca in the Suburbs Grande Fete 2021
What are you doing? Just chilling with some friends. 2017
Party Can’t Done, 2020
Quarantine and Basketball, 2020

“I like to capture memories and fleeting moments. They feel all the more moving because of their fugitive nature. (…) I want the viewer to open the box and feel they have been transported to another world.”

“The imaginative ring-box art of Talwst” – The Guardian
Fruits of My Labour, 2018-2020
Errrbody Loves McDonald’s
Frida’s Entry into Iguala, 2015
Collection of Pamela K. and William A. Royall Jr., Richmond, Virginia

‘In this work I referenced James Ensor’s Christ’s Entry into Brussels to comment on the 43 missing Mexican students in Iguala. I found many similarities between the 1888 painting and images of the protests and events surrounding the tragedy.’

“The imaginative ring-box art of Talwst” – The Guardian
Homecoming 2018
Curtis Talwst Santiago
These Walls, 2017-2022
Reclaimed jewelry box, clay, plastic, tin, acrylic paint, oil paint, artist’s hair 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 2 3/8 in
Curtis Talwst Santiago, Deluge VII, mixed media diorama in reclaimed jewelry box, 6 x 4 x 4 ½ inches, 2016.

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Learn more at: fountainheadarts.org

Learn more at: atlanticworldartfair.com

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