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Miguel Luciano is a visual artist born in Puerto Rico and currently based in New York. He explores themes of history, pop-culture, and social justice through sculpture, painting, installations, photography, and socially engaged public art projects. His work has been exhibited nationally/internationally and frequently exposes the complicated relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico.

He was the first artist-in-residence in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Civic Practice Parnership artist residency program (2018-2021) and is currently a professor in the School of Visual Arts and Yale University School of Art.

Porto Rican Cotton Picker

“Somewhere in Advance of Nowhere: Freedom Dreams in Contemporary Art” lauds the vital role of artists in dismantling broken systems, envisioning new shared realities, and building future alternatives. Drawing inspiration from Robin D.G. Kelley’s seminal book, “Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination,” the exhibition takes up his provocation that “without new visions, we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down.”

Nico Wheadon
Freedom Rider Vest
Pimp My Piragua
Double Phantom

I don’t want the work that we do to be co-opted in the moment. I also don’t want it to be presented as a quick answer to something that’s slow work.

Miguel Luciano
Pure Plantainum

DREAMer Kites

“Mapping Resistance: The Young Lords in El Barrio” is a public art project about the activist history of the Young Lords in East Harlem, featuring the photography of Hiram Maristany (official photographer of the Young Lords and a founding member in NY).

“Nature grows from the lots where buildings once stood and community gardens grew, to frame this powerful history of Children marching with the Young Lords during the funeral march and protest of the death of Julio Roldán” (Photo by Hiram Maristany, 1970)

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