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Rafael Tufiño is a painter, artist, and printmaker who became a puerto-rican cultural figure, known locally as “Painter of the People”. He mainly painted portraits and landscapes illustrating daily life in Puerto Rico. Member of a artists collective, he created a new style and a new puerto-rican visual identity.

Characters represented in his artworks have distinctive pronounced features expressing a certain gravity. By the choice of these models, the painter places the spectators in front of the social reality of a minority from the agricultural-working class. These representations offer them an image full of dignity and unprejudiced without any social bias.

Goyita (1953)
Portrait of Carlos Raquel Rivera
Portrait of Carlos Raquel Rivera (1957)

Loíza Aldea (1953)

Rafael Tufiño is also known for the variety of silk-screened posters he produced, most of the time adapted from his own paintings, and his series of black and white lithographic prints illustrating agricultural class daily life – marking his active participation in puerto-rican social and cultural life.

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