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Kate Moyston is an artist based in Jamaica since 1987, where she rekindled her love for art and started experimenting with oils and watercolor. Originally from England, studying art history and fine art in the UK, it was the Caribbean that gave her the footing to be a practicing artist, Moyston’s paintings are rich with symbolism – flora, and fauna being a central theme in her work, the crow appearing in most canvases can be interpreted in varying ways, either as an omen for death or dark magic, but it could also be a positive symbol and often seen as life-giving creatures, while butterflies are a symbol for abundance and renewal. With exhibitions across Jamaica, her works are also part of a private collection in the U.K, U.S, and Canada. Caribeart has the pleasure to introduce the delightful work of Kate Moyston for the latest Artist Series.

Messenger and Hibiscus.
Detail. 2014
My Mothers Lace
2021 122 x 91cm oil on canvas
The Cane Cutters
2019 Private Collection
Letting Them All Go
2021 124 x 76cm oil on canvas
2021 60 x 45 cm oil on canvas
The Gatherer
2018 Private Collection
The Sky Is Falling
2014 122 x 91cm oil on canvas (This is one of my favourite paintings).
The Load Bearer
2019 Private Collection

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