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With spring approaching, March is blooming with the most exciting events for your calendars, with a strong focus on women – Caribeart’s March selection will allow you to discover engaging panels and exhibitions that celebrate womanhood as well as events that embrace cultural heritage such as carnivals and live performances. Stay up to date with the latest events in the Caribbean through our art events’ agenda: www.caribeart.fr

“HERITAGES” exhibition featuring Feminist photography (exhibition)

March 17 – 27 2022 ▪︎ presented by Galerie Amarrage in France.

“Manifesto exhibition, Heritages, brings together women and non-binary photographers to celebrate the diversity of feminist engagement and to write an inclusive narrative of the history of art and photography.

Around strong and meaningful themes, the selected works address the question of representation, intersectionality or
all with a committed female gaze. Because of the profiles of each person, the themes and points of view are multiplied and offer a great diversity of views. Through the photographs exhibited and the style of each photographer, the notions of transmission, inspiration and creation common to all artists can be seen in the watermark.

‘La Vie A Libi’ solo show by John Lie A Fo (exhibition)

March 12th – April 2nd 2022 ▪︎ presented by ReadyTex Art Gallery in Suriname.

Readytex Art Gallery is happy to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of renowned visual artist John Lie A Fo.
For this exhibition, appropriately named LA VIE – A LIBI, the artist who considers both French Guiana and Suriname his home, draws from the infinite source of inspiration formed by life and his imagination. As a result, he presents a highly diverse and striking collection of artworks consisting of paintings, mixed media artworks, assemblages and sculptures. His powerful imagery is characterized by an exuberant and vibrant form of expression and a deliberate, often playful deformation of the figures that he portrays.

‘To Each Her Own’ group show featuring 15 artists (collective exhibition)

March 8th – April 18th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Urban Zen in the U.S.

‘Fuerzas Naturales’ solo show by Mónica Rodríguez (exhibition)

March 12th – ongoing 2022 ▪︎ presented by KM in Puerto Rico.

“Fuerzas Naturales” by Mónica Rodríguez—Puerto Rican artist based in Los Angeles, California—will be on view at Kilometro 0.2 (Km 0.2) in Puerto Rico. The opening takes place on March 12, 2022, from 6:00 to 11:00pm. The exhibition is inspired by texts from the work of the Puerto Rican anarchist and union leader Luisa Capetillo. The exhibition is articulated by a series of ink drawings based on some of the most relevant texts that chronologically establish narratives in the present time and a series of sculptures inspired by the remnants of what was the home of the feminist and union leader. In a kind of carpe diem and as artist Jorge González mentions below,

“Mónica’s work is rooted in drawing, organizing and establishing links to generate acts of solidarity, mediating liberating work and emancipating energy, which allows us to actively participate in regenerative ways. Mónica Rodríguez’s commitment recognizes our struggles and guides (ancestors) determined to eradicate systematic violence; she places us within other possible ways of relating to one other based on a deep love for the humankind of the future.”


March 16th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Insitituto de Estudios de Caraibe online.

The Institute of Caribbean Studies at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras (UPR-RP) invites the academic community and the general public to the panel discussion Mujeres trabajadoras: análisis desde diversos campos de las Ciencias Sociales [Working women: analysis from various fields of Social Sciences] to be held on Wednesday, March 16, at 11:30am (EST).

Spirit, Artistry & Craft of Moko Jumbies

March 6th – March 26th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in the U.S Virgin Islands.

Stilt dancing originated on the continent of Africa and was documented as early as the fifteen hundreds. The African stilt dancers evolved from a Spiritual context representing the powers of the creator, assuming the role of guardians of the villages fighting off all evil spirits. They also shouldered the role of a medium carrying messages from the diseased to the living and assisting the sociological process of the rites of passage. The stilt dancers survived the Middle Passage and thrived in the Caribbean albeit with visual and contextual changes.

The African Collection: Our People, Our Places, Our Stories (exhibition)

February 23rd – ongoing 2022 ▪︎ presented by Bermuda National Gallery in Bermuda.

In celebration of our 30th anniversary year, we are revisiting one of the Bermuda National Gallery’s inaugural collections in The African CollectionOur People, Our Places, Our Stories.

African Art was first displayed at the Bermuda National Gallery in 1993, shortly after the gallery opened its doors, in Secrecy: African Art that Conceals and Reveals, a travelling exhibition from the Museum of African Art, New York (now The Africa Centre), curated Dr Mary Nooter Roberts (1959-2018). Following the success of the exhibition, funds were raised to purchase a
permanent collection of African art for the gallery.

The African Collection, one of the Bermuda National Gallery’s three permanent collections (alongside the European Collection and the Bermuda Collection) was purchased in 1996 by the people of Bermuda through a crowdfunding campaign which saw community organisations, corporations and individuals come together to invest in the cultural heritage of Bermuda’s African diaspora.

RHYTHM AND DANCE (exhibition)

March 1st – March 31st 2022 ▪︎ presented by Museo de las Americas in Puerto Rico.

Museo de las Americas’ traveling exhibition program Sin Fronteras

Museo de las Americas traveling exhibit seeks to bring Museo’s collection into public spaces for the community to experience in an unexpected setting. Through collaboration with public institutions, Museo is able to educate the public about the arts and culture of Latin America, as well as display the otherwise hidden collection of Museo de las Americas in an unrestricted space.

Rhythm and Dance

Explore the rich history and contemporary practices of traditional music and dance in Latin America. Featuring masks, musical instruments, and artistic depictions of musical celebrations.

On display at the Evergreen Library from March 1-31, 2022.

Arnim’s Art Galleria presents ‘ Neo – Energia ‘ by Chioke Herbert (exhibition)

March 21st – April 2nd 2022 ▪︎ presented by Arnim’s Art Galleria in Trinidad and Tobago.

Arnim’s Art Galleria presents ‘ Neo – Energia ‘ by Chioke Herbert.

With contemporary approaches,
the artist, Chioke Herbert wishes to heal and inspire by investigating Neo – Energia through his art.

*Neo – Energia – the process or act of creating a physical embodiment of energy*

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to rsvp with Arnim’s Art Galleria, Port of Spain for the opening night.

Wonders of the Universe: Time and Astronomical Art” (Call for artwork)

March 27th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Rotunda Gallery in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our upcoming exhibition is titled “Wonders of the Universe: Time and Astronomical Art”. This is in commemoration of the International Day of Human Space Flight celebrated each year on 12th April to appreciate the beginning of the space era for mankind. 👩‍🚀

It also emphasizes the important contribution of space, science and technology in achieving sustainable development goals and increasing the well-being of States and peoples, as well as ensuring the realization of their aspiration to maintain outer space for peaceful purposes.

The Rotunda Gallery invites the artists and collectors of Trinidad and Tobago to submit artwork based on the theme. Show us what it means to explore outer space and the technological benefits that can impact us all on a wider scale.



JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT INSTALLMENT OF AFRO-PICKS, A CCCADI VIRTUAL TALK SERIES THAT HIGHLIGHTS EMERGING FILMMAKERS AND FILMS SET IN THE COMMUNITIES OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA.  Our upcoming Afro-Picks program will feature the film “Black Motherhood Through the Lens”, a documentary that captures four Black women’s experiences in navigating the reproductive and maternal healthcare system from conception to postpartum.

Exposición Diálogos Analógicos (collective exhibition)

March 4th – April 16th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Centro Cultural de España en Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic

This exhibition is an invitation to get to know the concerns of a group of women who share a love for analog photography and who seek to communicate, through a visual discourse charged with truth and beauty, what it means to be a woman in the world. Participating in this exhibition project are:

Laura Parra (Venezuela-Dominican Republic).

Eva Raduenzel (Germany)

Heidi Hassan (Cuba-Switzerland)

Liú Marino (Chile)

Miriam Ortiz (Mexico)

Pilar Perdomo (Colombia)

Violena Ampudia (Cuba-Budapest)

Water Lane Mural Tour (street art tour)

March 27th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Kingston Creative Jamaica

Enjoy the stunning murals and vibrant colours of the Water Lane mural tour. A one hour walking tour of Water Lane and its adjoining sideroads (Mark Lane and Temple Lane) exploring the mural art along these streets that is  a part of the burgeoning Art District in Downtown Kingston.

‘Big Art Auction 7’ (art auction)

March 24th 2022 ▪︎ presented by National Gallery of the Cayman Islands in Cayman Islands.

The Big Art Auction is a biennial exhibition and auction held to raise funds for the development of the National Gallery permanent collection, and related education resources. Aiming to secure artwork of national importance for them to become accessible to residents of the Cayman Islands.

March 1st – March 31st 2022 ▪︎ presented by Virgin Islands Council on the Arts in the U.S Virgin Islands.

The Virgin Islands Council on the Arts, a Division of the Department of Planning and Natural Resources, invites you to celebrate Virgin Island cultural history with a series of events throughout the month of March, from fashion shows, panel discussion, to live performances and poetry.

Non-Traditional , Eight Emerging Artist (online show)

March 9th – March 23rd 2022 ▪︎ presented by Caribbean Global in Barbados.

Eight Emerging Artists

“As we move further and further away from the generations that created what has been deemed ‘tradition’ in Barbados and the Caribbean, I am on a search to identify the narratives that are currently being produced by Caribbean artists today. Non-Traditional is, therefore, work that has a connection with traditional Caribbean imagery or stories but is realized in a modern context that reflects the contemporary artist and engages the viewer in an unprecedented way.”

Zoe Osborne, Mahogany Culture – Curato

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