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Danaé Brissonnet is an international artist from Canada with roots in Guadeloupe who specializes in public murals and illustration as well as sculptural practices such as mask making and puppetry. Scattered from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Martinique to Guadeloupe as well as in India and Spain, the artist invites the public to engage in her fantastical in situ work, by creating imagined worlds and offers deeper consideration into the power of symbolism, myth, and metaphor.

Brissonnet’s art enforces connections between her work, herself, and the public in which it engages. Most importantly, her process is about becoming involved in communities where she can display and recount people’s stories, their land, and their culture. Wherever Brissonnet is creating there is likely to be a workshop, where she can share her experience.

Her practice also involves finding locations where art is not easily accessible, creating a space for creativity and imagination in communities, Brissonet is also dedicated to working with children and encourages them to paint whatever materials they have. With a community based practice that allows her to travel to rural communities, she leaves a colourful trace and a hopeful impact for future generations, inspiring change, accessibility and exposure. Brissonnet’s work translates as an imprint of change and inspiration for places she feels need it the most.

Everything on this island has it’s place.
The hearth that burns through the storms night.
The coquí’s voice that resonates through unstable political climate, corruption and natural disaster.
The old Tahino song that call the Heliconia to the hummingbird so that the seasons of abundance can go on.
The shark that hungers over natural resources and opens up the wound between rich and poor.
The arms of the manglar that take root in the uncertain future of children that help to dream it
These are part of a bigger cycle in which, as individuals and whole societies, we have the choice to open our eyes on our own intuitive power, our own resources, our own resilience…

I made this painting after riding on a traditional ox cart in Guadeloupe. It amazed me the strength of these animals and the enormous amount of weight they are able to maneuver. Later I had a dream in which I become impregnated with the spirit of the ox and I was so filled with strength that even parasitic birds feeding on my breasts and organs couldn’t phase me
petites têtes.

A little series of photos that I worked on with the amazing @thierry_du_bois perfect model
and @thierry_du_bois an incredible photographer.

They helped me capture the many states of this multi-headed mask. It was originally created for a performance that revolved and teesed the ideas around home. As a traveller, finding myself in a fixed place during confinement brought me to be confronted to all the narratives and voices that arrise when one tries to define home after a thick slice of travel-toast.

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