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Brian Ashing is a self-taught visual artist born and based in Trinidad and Tobago. Through his world, which he describes as realistic and semi-realistic, he engages in introspective work where he explores existential questions of death, beliefs, and the symbolism of things around us – through nudes, vanity, portraits and self-portraits.

The poetic use of realism as the artist’s primary visual language approaches the art of the Renaissance era and the Dutch masters of the centuries. In fact, the “Prelude” project marks his first steps into the Tribagonian art landscape; the term “prelude” refers to an action or event that introduces something larger.

Permanence of vision

Mother of Pearl
Judgement, I Fear You Not
Enemies are created
The Medium

With this work, I wanted to show what it means to be an artist in the simplest form: we are our medium*. A being that channels something bigger than ourselves. What does it look like to be inspired and created at the same time? One hand holds the tool tenderly while the other remains outstretched to deliver.”

*Medium: “In art, ‘medium’ refers to the substance that the artist uses to create a work of art. A wide use of the word medium is used to describe a specific type of art. For example, painting is a medium, printmaking is a medium and sculpture is a medium. Essentially, each category of artwork is its own medium.” – Definition taken from www.greelane.com

Fire Makes The Night Darker
Curiosity and Greed
Within By Brian ASHING

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