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We start February with celebrating Black History Month, and the Year of the Tiger! If you are interested in learning new skills and funding opportunities, this is the perfect selection of events for you. Develop your career as a curator, artist, or writer, regardless of past experience, there is a perfect opportunity this month to get funding for your proposal! Our list includes lots of workshops including a fascinating online course that dives into Caribbean art in its postcolonial context, as well as many engaging exhibitions around our islands and the diaspora. Stay up to date with the latest events in the Caribbean through our art events’ agenda: www.caribeart.fr


January 25th 2022 – March 19th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Fresh Milk in the Barbados.

The Fresh Milk Art Platform, Future Centre Trust, Environ Ltd (Adopt A Stop Barbados) and The Healing Arts Initiative in partnership with CULTURUNNERS as part of the World Health Organization are pleased to welcome proposals by Barbadian-based contemporary artists for the design of new works to be incorporated into one rain shelter and two benches for installation on the Barbados Trailway Project. With the support of the Healing Arts Initiative, Fresh Milk is pleased to be collaborating with the Future Centre Trust and Environ Ltd (Adopt A Stop Barbados) to work with local artists and to strategically install these artistic interventions on the trailway as a linear outdoor exhibition opportunity, giving artists a chance to contribute to this dynamic and highly anticipated public project.

CARLOS QUINTANA – Cuban art (virtual exhibition)

February 2022 – ongoing ▪︎ presented by VR Art platform online.

Carlos Quintana: Contemplation as a synthesis of Santería and Buddhism. The figures and portraits of Quintana have in common a self-contained attitude: the distance, emotionless facial expressions and the barely comprehensible gaze, which characterize the figures of Carlos Quintana, testify to a kind of introversion or rather to contemplation. They are focused on something that seems to be outside of the visible or internally. The figures are often depicted against a contrasting colored background and without a concrete environment: whatever is not relevant for the “contemplation” (the title of the exhibition) is consequently left out by the artist.

CALL for CURATORS (4 projects each get 11K $) all in the Caribbean are eligible (open call)

February 1st – March 1st 2022 ▪︎ presented by Apexart online.

Apexart will accept proposals for its International Open Call from February 1–March 1, 2022. Four winning proposals will become Apexart exhibitions presented in their selected locations around the world as part of our 2022-23 exhibition season. Curators, artists, writers, and creative individuals, regardless of location or past experience, are invited to submit a proposal online.

“Drawing with Light” Cas di Cultura (exhibition)

January 24th – February 23rd 2022 ▪︎ presented by Cas di Cultura in Aruba.

What is the role of the photographer when they are making an image? How does this affect the interpretations we find in them? Can we trust what we see in these images? These are some of the questions that inspired our next exhibition Drawing with Light, on view at Cas di Cultura from January 24th till February 23rd.This exhibition presents works by local artists Rafael Barragán, Antoine Bowers and Cado de Lannoy. It is the second show part of our AUA Exhibits ’21-’22 curated by Ana Maria Hernandez.

AYITI The Divine: Between Spirituality & Beauty (collective exhibition)

January 17th – February 19th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Tropiques Atrium in Martinique.

Launched by the cultural center Tropiques Atrium, the third edition of the festival “Windows on Haiti” is launched on January 8, 2022 in Fort de France in Martinique. This large-scale event that celebrates the diversity and richness of Haitian culture will end on February 19, 2022. This third edition of Window(s) on Haiti marks the beginning of the year by saluting this Republic, its culture, its people and its diaspora. To celebrate the diversity of Haitian culture at the beginning of the year is also to place it under the sign of enlightened resilience, fertile resistance and the persevering conquest of hope.

Goumé – Black & Queer Cultures (workshop)

February 19th 2022 ▪︎ presented by La Station Culturelle in Martinique.

Clay and Anna propose to experiment with songs, rhythms, outfits, make-up and attitudes to compose new carnival polyphonies together. This workshop is for people who identify themselves as black – afro-descendant – afro-caribbean – AND queer, lgbtq+, makoumè, kolé-dé, fanm ka fè zanmi…*Phrase from the text “Pitit’ a Nény’ p131, by Lily Séjor in the book “Afrotrans” by the collective Cases Rebelles.

Twossaints Creators’ Grant (creative grant opportunity)

February 1st – April 28th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Two Saints in Saint Lucia.

The Twossaints Creators’ Grant is offered as a no-strings attached financial support to help Saint Lucian creatives. They can spend the money on whatever they want – be that make new work, buy equipment or materials, travel, research, or to even cover some life expenses. This grant has been set up because Saint Lucian artists are systematically under-supported by the art world; by institutions, curators, major and minor funding bodies, and by audiences too. 

Back-Chat DVCAI’s Caribbean Crossroads Series: Sites of Memory (online conversation)

February 24th 2022 ▪︎ presented by DVCAI online.

Back-Chat is part of DVCAI’s Caribbean Crossroads Series and dedicated to conversations with curators, artists, and diasporic cultural producers. This new forum brings artists’ voices, challenges, and experiences to the forefront while offering support to other artists and community members seeking a connection to the arts.


February 24th 2022 ▪︎ presented by University of the West Indies Museum in Jamaica.

This is the final panel discussion in the three-part series exploring the contemporary issues surrounding Emancipation Day celebrations. Defining Emancipation Day as a process rather than a ‘Day’ in history, panel three explores Emancipation Day celebrations in the Dutch, French and Spanish Caribbean.

February 24th – March 14th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Cab Gallery and Studio in the Bahamas.

Caribbean Art Today: Visualising Evolving Identities (workshop)

February 16th – March 23rd 2022 ▪︎ presented by Victoria and Albert Museum in the U.K.

Join us as we explore the changing face of the Caribbean through the eyes of its artists. We will start our journey in the post-independence period in the 1960s and, using the V&A’s collections for inspiration, we will broker a dialogue between curators and artists from the UK and the Caribbean. Our six-week survey will investigate the work of Caribbean artists within the V&A collection, including Aubrey Williams, Sir Frank Bowling, Winston Branch, Peter Minshall, and Althea McNish, alongside other key figures such as Richard Rawlins, Sheena Rose, Barrington Watson, Christopher Cozier and Jasmine Thomas-Girvan. Visual artists who practise in the Caribbean often grapple with an intractable dichotomy – should they engage with the undeniable natural beauty of the region, or turn away to face the thornier issues of evolving identities in a post-colonial space?

Letter from Haiti: The Vives Exhibition at the Maison Dufort (exhibition)

January 15th – February 13th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Maison Dufort in Haiti.

“Letter from Haiti: The Vives Exhibition at the Maison Dufort”—a review of “Vives,” which opened on Saturday January 15, and will be on view until February 13, 2022, at Maison Dufort (9, Rue du Travail (Bois Verna) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Centering on women artists, the exhibition was curated by Régine Cuzin, “a Paris-based independent curator, art historian, and art book editor who is best known for her work in and about the Francophone Caribbean.

Appel à contribution – Do Kre I S revue (call for artists)

March 28th 2022 ▪︎ presented by Do Kre IS Revue in France.

The notion of celebration is both a social time, that of gathering and communion, and a political time, that of resistance, of refusal to bend to certain rules, of the struggle against restrictions. Far from being futile, the festival is a commitment, an archive of identities. Throughout history, celebrations have represented diversity, whether in joyful and supportive events or in spaces of social and political reflection. It can transform society in depth.
From the need to weave social links or to transform and shake up our societies, the festival is also a mirror of the multiple relationships woven between diasporic cultures. By trying to approach this theme through the prisms of the past of the Creole peoples, we could see that the festival is not a simple place of entertainment but rather a place of marronage, resistance, celebrations, dissident imaginations and especially of creation

“The People’s Collection” at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

February 16th – May 26th 2022 ▪︎ presented by The National Gallery in the Cayman Islands.

To provide the community with greater access to the history of the National Collection, and as part of our programming for “The People’s Collection”, our exhibitions team will be hosting guided English tours every first and third Wednesday of the month, as well as Spanish tours every first Tuesday, at 12:30pm through April 2022. Our first tour will be held on 16 February – no payments or booking required. We hope to see you there!

Janji open call (call for artists)

February 21st 2022 ▪︎ presented by Janji online.

Janji is looking for 3-6 original artworks created by Caribbean artists (established or emerging artists) for their Spring / Summer Collection 2023. New or existing original artwork. Deadline for submissions: February 21, 2022. If you are selected, we will contact you with additional details on February 26. Justine, Art and Culture Coordinator — justine@janji.com

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