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Bianca Peake is an interdisciplinary artist from Trinidad and Tobago focusing on ideas of femininity and the self through performance, paint, and other mediums. Having completed her higher education in London at Camberwell College of Arts, she has developed a practice of interrogating the self through performance and archetypes of femininity through the gaze of society.

Bianca attempts to reconcile the irreconcilable through not only the means of introspection but also the active physicality of contesting with a blank canvas which demands a deeper examination of the limitations of the painter. Peake has had many international shows in the UK, US, and her home town Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago where she is currently based.

‘Sea Yuh Later’
65 x 80 cm
Acrylic, Dry Pigment and Oil on Canvas

“Down by the St.Ann’s River”
22” x 18”
Oil on canvas

“Wouls’t Thou Like to Live Deliciously”
20” x 23”
Acrylic pigment, oil and pastel on canvas
Bloody Bay
40” x 32”
Acrylic and oil on canvas
“The Body Keeps the Score”
Oil paint and pastel on canvas
3 ft x 5 ft
“In a room full of paintings”
26” x 18”
Oil on canvas

“And before you know it 10 years have passed”
38” x 52” in
Oil and acrylic on canvas

I prefer rainy season
Oil and pastel on canvas

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