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Series: shaping collective memory with Haitian sculptor, Woodly Caymitte

Woodly Caymitte aka Filipo is a dedicated artist and activist who uses sculpture to shape collective memory around slavery and abolition narratives that have been silenced or misconstrued. From Haiti and based in France, Filipo has had important commissions including recently by the city of Bordeaux who commemorates the National Day of Remembrance of the Slave Trade, Slavery and their Abolition. Filipo chose to bring to life the former Haitian slave Modeste Testas, sculpted in bronze on the quays. He believes these public sculptures are essential for future generations and society to understand the complex narratives around slavery and the voices that need to be accounted for.

Modeste Testas (1765-1870) is a former slave bought by two Bordeaux residents who had plantations on the island of Haiti, called Santo Domingo at the time of French colonization. Since 2017, Bordeaux City Hall commemorates slavery, the slave trade and their abolition.
This sculpture is reserved for the family of Goerges Floyd or for its community sculpted by woodly Caymitte dit filipo
I had been told the story, I went on the networks to see the fucking video I cry my heart. We have all witnessed his murder in broad daylight, we are broken and disgusted. stop the racist, we are human above all.

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