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Hete Kioyto is an artist from Dominica who explores morbid subjects through a vivid and brightly coloured palet. Kioyto’s practice is driven by imagination, reflection and exploring themes of death, gore decomposition and other worldly landscapes and beings. Kioyto’s themes are spiritual and often refer to ‘creatures’ inside of us that may feel uncomfortable to confront or live with but we should find ways to embrace. Caribeart has the pleasure to introduce this dazzling and wondrous series by the artist.

I often struggle with this reality I was placed in, my imagination a prison of infinite interactions which may never be.

“My Burden My Growth… Inspiration comes in many ways. Recently a friend of mine did an operation removing a small growth in her breast. When recounting her surgical experience i felt like she removed a creature which was living for who knows how long inside of her and that thought really worked on my imagination.

I feel like we all have some sort of creature growing inside of us, whether emotional, spiritual or even physical and instead of having it removed we do the exact opposite and embrace it, even find creative ways to justify why we may need it.

So this is my creature, a self portrait of sorts not sure how to get rid of it but in the meantime I shall embrace it and dive into deep painful thoughts.

Here’s to all the embraced Creatures.”

Alone at last, she strips down to her comfort zone, like a tiered reality they only see the least while i cherish and observe the most.

As her red scarf drifts in the current so to does my mind as I slowly plunge into her sealed sanctuary.

The Living Temple
In times of great turmoil and confusion he would seek refuge at this temple. When the days of worship reached 27 she would speak, guiding her little one along the right path to survival.

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