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Joel Rojas Matias is a graphic designer and digital artist who comes to us straight from Puerto Rico. Very active on Instagram, he amuses, surprises and captivates with provocative minimalist visuals on a colorful background.

True satire of a globalized world, where everything is exaggerated with superlatives: hyperconnection (smartphone, social networks …), hyperconsumption, hypersexualization. Always in this form, it slips subtly in some illustrations of the spikes on social and current racial themes, the whole with the violence that offers humor.

Puelcop 🐷By Joel Rojas.
“Today they arrested Giovanni Roberto for demonstrating passively for the feeding of the people.”
MOVEMENT By Joel Rojas Hago.
“The sad news that Chadwick Boseman passed away, makes me return to the story of his most successful film and for which he will live in our memories and hearts. Black Panther first appeared in a Fantastic Fours comic in 1966. To be real as a child it was super difficult to identify with any superhero physically, (I was always Batman because of his Black suit) when I saw the film adaptation in 2018. surprised and satisfied by the work done on the part of the production in the cinema. I was very happy to know that a new generation of boys and girls would have a BLACK representation and in such a masterful way. The socio-political message behind it struck me as great and at the best moment in history.”
Translation of the image : It’s easier to get into the Capitol (US) than in my heart.
Masculinidad Fragile (Fragile Masculinity ) By Joe Rojas
OrgasM🍔 By Joe Rojas
LABIA By Joel Rojas
Translation of the image “Reminder- Do not send “DICK PICS”. It’s violent and worse if no one asked you.”

“My children on this page: We fuck, we inform ourselves and we beautify ourselves. But it’s already 2021, macho men need to stop this basic attitude of sending dick pics. If someone wants to see it, they’re going to ask you and with a good angle, not the shit you send 😂 and like I always say; LOVE, RESPECT, BELLAQUEO”
Translation of the image “I’ve simulated all orgasms”

VHS 📼 vhs By Joel Rojas
C O N F E S I Ó N By Joel Rojas
MAL-MORBO By Joel Rojas
Camel Who? By Joel Rojas 
SIKE By Joel Rojas

EL AGUANTE (THE ENDURING) 🏋️‍♀️ 🌹By Joel Rojas
OXIGEN By Joel Rojas

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